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Cancer alternative health car dog

Dog Herbal Care for Cancers: Reishi and Astragalus May Help

By Lynn Malpass Today, dogs and cats are living longer than ever, in part due to the many advances made in veterinary medicine to keep them … [Read More...]

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All About Cats

Multiple cats in a house

All Your cats and You: Managing a Multi-Cat Household

By Darlene Jazz Attention crazy cat ladies in training: taking care of a multi-cat household can be hard! Whether your house is full of cats … [Read More...]

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Inspirational Stories

Robin, a service dog with the police is a cancer survivor thanks to agressive treatement, loving owners, public interest, and a successful fund-raiser for treatment.

Robin – A Canine Cancer Survivor’s Story

By Susan Rowney Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating news for any dog owner. Understanding that there is a quickly-advancing, … [Read More...]

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All About Dogs

Dog scholar: dogs intelligent says science

Science Proves Dogs Comprehend and Communicate: Dogs Conscious Beings, Not Conditioned Animals

Science proves dogs comprehend and communicate: dogs conscious beings, not conditioned animals New research from Wofford College revealed that dogs … [Read More...]

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